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Want to get your class or school involved?

Here are some ideas that have already worked!
-Have all the students in the school peel, sort and break the crayons (one school used recess time for this, kids choose to participate).  Check out our Crayon Slicers to make this fun and easy.
-Add in a "Math" lesson for the kindergartners by having them sort all the crayons by color.
-Add in another "Math" lesson for first grade by cutting curling ribbon to 12 inch lengths.
-Host a "Crayon Party" (probably through your PTA/PTO) that does all of the above steps in one night.
-If your in the southern New England region, ask us to stop by to discuss Crayons for Cancer and how it is helping families and children battling cancer everyday.
-Students who need to complete Community Service Hours can get involved by peeling crayons or sorting them by colors.
-Check out some Crayon Slicers from our "library" and use them to slice crayons.
-Have the Student Council take a leadership role in organizing an event.

Crayon Color GroupsOur perferred way to receive crayons is peeled and sorted into color groups as seen in the picture to the left.

Different Documents you can use (click on the links):