National Crayon Day 2018

We raised $2,407!!!!!

Thank you for joining us at the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America
on Friday March 30th
and Saturday March 31st

We had our kid safe Crayon Slicers to use
plenty of our Crayons for Cancer availlable

As a thank you for every donation amount
from the list below,
we will give you some of our Crayons for Cancer!

Parking pass $5
One family meal $8
Coloring books w/crayons or markers $15
Beads of Breath $15
3 Aromatherapy Sessions $15
General Supplies--books, magazines, activity books $15
Gas Card $20 Taxi ride $25
Interpreter use $30
Food Pantry $30 Sibling Play $35
Pet Therapy $35
Family Resource Center-1 hr of service $40
Speech Therapy Tools $50
Social Work $70
Chaplaincy-1 hour $75

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates from the event!

A HUGE Thank you to our Friends at the Crayola Experience!

Also, thank you for all the families that shared their stories!